Veliky Apartments

This 34-unit student housing apartment building includes an elevator, commercial office space, a vending room, open atria between the floors, a skylight on the fourth floor and an underground parking lot. The site was challenging: it required that we shore the hillside that supported the railroad tracks behind the building. A one-way street in front of the project was the only access to the site.

Project Size: 47,348 sq. ft.

Project Start: August 2005

Project Duration: 12 months

Original Contract: $5.45 million

Final Contract Value: $5.55 million

Project Manager: Chuck Miller

Superintendent: John Woodson

Estimator: Chuck Miller

Owner: Veliky Rentals, LLC Daniel Veliky 434-293-5358

Architect: Daggett & Grigg Architects, Inc. Jim Grigg 434-971-8848