Crozet Meadows Senior Apartments

Crozet Meadows, in coordination with the Piedmont Housing Alliance, is a new construction and renovation project for the elderly located at the intersection of Rt. 250 and Rt. 240 near the town of Crozet. The project includes the construction of six new fourplexes (24 apartments) and seven new duplexes (14 apartments), totaling 23,104 sq. ft. In addition, seven existing fourplexes (28 apartments) are being renovated, totaling 17,024 sq. ft. Martin Horn worked closely with the Owner and Architect during the design phase. The overall project design is based on EarthCraft and VHDA (The Virginia Housing Development Authority) Universal Design criteria, and when completed will receive EarthCraft certification and VHDA tax credits.

PROJECT START:  September 2009

PROJECT SIZE: 66 apartments


CONTRACT VALUE: $3,921,232


PROJECT MANAGER: Carter Robertson

SUPERINTENDENT:  Steve Wingfield

ESTIMATOR: Carter Robertson

OWNER: Piedmont Housing Alliance

CONTACT: Kevin Wood

ARCHITECT: dBF Associates

CONTACT: Rick Funk