ACAC – The Edge

The 11,500 square-foot studio concept from ACAC features specialized yoga classes, boutique-style cycling classes, and sports performance training.

The yoga studio has the ability to heat the room to temperatures as high as 104 degrees. It is also equipped with a rope wall so practitioners can incorporate using gravity as resistance to standing, inverted or backbend poses. The cycle studio houses over 30 cycles and features theatre-style lighting and sound. The room is also furnished with a leaderboard, called a CRANK board, for riders to chart their in-class performance and add a dose of friendly competition. This created a challenge in the building process, as the adjacent rooms had very different temperature settings and sound levels. In order to have a hot and quiet room, next to a loud and air conditioned room, a significant amount of planning and attention to detail was required.

The training area of nearly 5,000 square feet is outfitted with sprint tracks, turf field, Olympic bars, rigs and racks, and other athletic training gear, such as TRX, kettlebells, plyo boxes and ropes. Mike Curtis, Division One Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach and former head strength coach of the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies, designed unique training experiences, including sports performance programs. Recreational and performance athletes, both youth and adult, as well as tactical athletes like police, fire and military personnel, stand to benefit from Curtis’ training methodologies. “Simply put, we build better athletes for sport and life,” says Curtis.

“We call the studio ‘EDGE’ because we want our clients to find their competitive edge,” says Ryan, a spokesperson from ACAC. “Whether you are an athlete preparing for your upcoming season, a marathon runner, or simply a fitness enthusiast, training at EDGE will help you reach your peak performance.”




CONTRACT TYPE: Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)


SUPERINTENDENT:  Calvin Wilkerson

ESTIMATOR: Arthur Rogers

OWNER: ACAC Fitness & Wellness Centers

CONTACT:  Greg Lyons, Director of Development

ARCHITECT:  Legacy Management Group

CONTACT: David Zimmerman