If you had to close your eyes and imagine a single “woman in construction” in Central Virginia—it’d likely be Pam Haney. To Martin Horn, she’s the General Superintendent and Safety Director, but to each person who works here, she’s much more. Whether it’s getting someone’s little brother a job here, or picking someone up from the hospital there, she’s known for being there for people. This, combined with her infectious laugh and no-bullshit attitude, leaves quite the impression on everyone she meets.  


*Quack, quack* The sound that lets you know Pam is nearby. Her signature ringtone, a duck quacking, informs her of the latest message’s delivery to her phone. A sound familiar to everyone in our office. But if you come by the office, you likely won’t find her there. Instead, she’ll be traveling from job site to job site, checking in with crews and ensuring they have what they need to operate clean, efficient, safe job sites.  


It’s not just the safety of Martin Horn employees that Pam ensures. She is known in the community as the authority on construction safety, often teaching OSHA classes to subcontractor partners, speaking at CATEC, or being interviewed on a technical expert panel to offer her expertise to community and industry organizations. 

Known for: 

  • Being the person you call when you need help 

  • Knowing the latest construction news before you 

  • Making people regret doing something stupid without having to say a word 

  • Doing something kind for you, without you having to ask 



If you’ve been to our office, you’ve met Cece. The first face you see, and a friendly one at that. Cece just makes things better. From filling her tiny convertible to the brim with Costco snacks for office staff and guests, or making sure payroll goes out on time, she’s usually earning her role as everyone’s favorite coworker. Kind, helpful and gracious, Cece is always helping clients, vendors and employees get things done.  


As office manager, Cece is the one acting behind the scenes, making everything work smoothly. Her ability to connect with people and problem-solve have made her a core fixture of the office team. Answering and directing calls, completing payroll, supporting accounting and keeping the kitchen stocked, she’s the one that makes it all flow. 

Known for: 

  • Keeping everyone in the office happy and fed 

  • Her ability to rock out to some serious jams 

  • Being the person who has the check you need 

  • Giving the most beautiful and thoughtful crocheted gifts 



Getting tired of seeing our logo places? Blame Hannah. After leading Martin Horn’s logo redesign in 2017, she’s helped us ask and answer--what the Martin Horn brand really means:  to us, to our clients and to the community. Always challenging the team, she’s helped us find and win more work than we’ve ever done before. 


Researching economic development and real estate transactions, writing proposals for new projects, or planning ribbon-cutting events for ones that have just completed—Hannah stays involved from napkin sketch to grand opening. She does the storytelling for our brand and our clients, so the operations team can focus on what they do best:  building stuff. 

Known for: 

  • Beating all the men at the office in fantasy football 

  • Getting on you about your email signature being in the wrong font 

  • Being on a committee, either now or previously, with everyone you know 

  • Last-minute proofreading and copyediting skills 



Quick-witted and driven, Grace brings a lot of passion to the team. Her education and experience in historic restoration and rehabilitation has been an immediate value-add for our clients and our community. While a fellow assistant project manager was completing basic training for the National Guard Reserves, she took the reigns of implementing a new project management software, ProjectSight. She’s helped develop training materials and resources for our staff and is helping us use it to its full potential. 


Large pink headphones cover her ears while she crunches numbers and enters information into the database. Afterwards, she’s off to an OAC (Owner/Architect/Contractor) meeting for a project that is soon to break ground. Then it’s a trip to a job site to catalogue historic building materials and record history before its demolished (see:  “The History of Haley High”). 

Known for: 

  • Knowing the historical context of whatever you’re talking about 

  • Taking a task, doing it as you asked, and then three other things you didn’t know you also wanted yet 

  • Letting you know how she feels about (fill in anything here) 

  • Making people instantly like her 



Suzie knows how to get things done. Her ability to learn quickly and ability to problem solve on the spot have made her a valuable asset to the accounting team. Always learning, Suzie has recently gone back to school for her Associate Degree of Science in Accounting at Piedmont Virginia Community College. 


If she had it her way, you’d never find her office at all. But let’s say you do—well, then you’d find her tucked away amongst vibrant plants she’s saved and nurtured back to health. Behind the plants and the office cat lounging at her feet, you’d see her working away, ensuring all of our contracts are properly written, signed, executed and archived.  

Known for: 

  • Impeccable green thumb 

  • Knowing everyone that owns a horse, rides horses, likes horses, etc. 

  • Intimidating fellow employees who haven’t done their expense reports on time 

  • Liking animals more than people 



Don’t let her small frame and big smile fool you, because this one packs a punch. Quick-witted and fun-loving, Megan keeps crews on their toes while still having a good time. Starting as a laborer, Megan quickly discovered her own potential in construction. Years later, Megan has utilized the training and development resources at Martin Horn, taking courses, and been promoted to Carpenter. And she’s just getting started! 


Seven in the morning, she and the early sunlight roll onto the job site. After checking in with the site superintendent, she gets to work. Hanging doors, replacing trim, or overseeing the installation of equipment, Megan’s range of skills plug in nearly anywhere on a job site. 

Known for: 

  • Fitting into small spaces 

  • Having a dirtier joke than all the men on the job site 

  • Treating her dogs like they’re her children 

  • Lead foot 



Since being hired last year, Cynthia has jumped right in, helping wherever she can. Her easygoing energy and infectious laugh make the office feel a little brighter. She has been an integral part of helping us transition to the new ProjectSight software system, and has made a huge impact on the way we organize our job site utilities. When subcontractors have a question, they know they can always reach out to her. She won’t stop until she’s figured it out! 


After arriving in the morning, Cynthia gets straight to work communicating with subcontractors and ensuring all paperwork for each job has been completed and recorded correctly. After a few calls, she heads to the accounting department meeting. After that, she’s off to solve a problem a project manager is having with the accounting software. 

Known for: 

  • Infectious laugh (seriously…you can’t not smile when she laughs) 

  • Going with the flow 

  • Cozy office lighting 

  • Processing your invoice quicker than you thought possible 



As anyone in construction knows, hiring great talent is tough. But since bringing Laurel onto the team, she’s helped us find, recruit, and train top-tier professionals. Her easygoing personality and silly pranks bring a fun atmosphere to the office. A great representative of our culture, Laurel helps us find the people who belong at Martin Horn. 


First things first…coffee and a breakfast sandwich. After that, she’s off to SHRM meeting and then back in later that morning for an intern interview. Once the interview is complete, she’s inventorying materials for the career fair next week and setting up the benefits portal for current employees. 

Known for: 

  • Making everyone laugh 

  • Pulling pranks on friends and coworkers 

  • Surprisingly raunchy jokes for being the HR person 

  • A listening ear when you need to vent