Andrea N. McCoy Garrett

Andrea N. McCoy Garrett | Staff Accountant

“I would love to see more women in the industry at every level.”

What is your favorite part about working in construction?

My “most’ favorite is knowing beautiful things are being built and the opportunity to see them.

Are there any obstacles you’ve had to overcome as a woman in construction?

No, not for my profession, but I have only been in the industry at this profession for six months.

Why do you think there are so few women in construction?

I think most people don’t realize the different professions that are involved in the construction industry and that may stop women from entering. Construction has a male connotation to it and women may not go any further than the name. Maybe.

Is there anything you think could change to make construction a more inclusive industry?

I would assume just shining a spotlight on women in the different professions in construction, boosting awareness.

What do you hope to see in the future for women in construction?

I would love to see more women in the industry at every level.