Cece Smeriglio

Cece Smeriglio | Office Manager

“A career in construction is a path to success for women.”

How did you end up in construction?

I first started in construction after moving to Charlottesville. I answered an ad for office work and started at a residential construction company.

What was your experience like when you first started as a woman in construction?

I didn’t have any experience in this industry. Everyone was so nice and helped me learn the basics. My opinion was valued for the house plans we developed. I was encouraged to go into the field, to take AGC classes in Estimating and Construction Business Management.

Has it changed since then? How?

Not in my experience. I still feel valued and I am still learning every day.

What career advice do you have for younger women interested in construction?

Building stuff cannot be outsourced or sent overseas. The demand may wax and wane, but it will always be local and we will always need people skilled in construction.

Why do you think women should work in construction?

A career in construction is a path to success for women.