Jeb Horn

Jeb is from Virginia Tech’s Myers-Lawson School of Construction. He is working on his degree in Construction Engineering & Management­. Jeb primarily worked at The Nest alongside his Superintendent, Milt Small.

Jeb has been a great extra set of eyes on the Nest Project. He’s able to fill in for me on different coordination and pre-construction meetings and effectively relay important information. His ability to fill in carpentry items has been a huge help too. – Superintendent, Milt Small

Intern Question and Answers

What responsibilities were you given during your internship?

At The Nest, I’ve been keeping a daily log on Procore, which is just a page that goes up in our system where you put pictures up, post any progress you’ve made that day, and log any meetings that were had. I mostly just help my superintendent, Milt, out with whatever he needs.

What have you found to be most interesting about the job site you’ve worked on?

The Nest is a very unconventional project. It’s a residence that a couple is sticking on top of an office building that they already own. It’s a very high-dollar, luxury residence so some of the stuff that is going to be in place, like the finishings and windows, are very high-quality pieces which is cool.

How has being a Virginia Tech student prepared you for this internship?

This may not be the most important piece of knowledge I learned in the program, but it’s definitely helpful to go on-site and already know all the terms everyone is using and know what everyone is talking about. There is a specific lingo to the business and it’s important that you know it in order to do your job.

What skills have you learned while working for Martin Horn that will help you in the future?

Well I am kind of a particular circumstance because my father is Ted Horn. I do want to work for Martin Horn later in life because I feel a sense of pride in the family business. I think a major lesson I’ve learned here is work ethic. I have to get up at 7 in the morning every day and head to my site. I’ve also developed a lot of patience in this job. In previous summers interning here, I’ve made mistakes or messed up and it’s taught me to keep a level-head when something goes wrong and find a solution.

Jeb’s Testimonial:

The Martin Horn staff, both on site and in office, are a hard-working and intelligent brood. Everyone I have worked with has seen me as a young man looking to learn about this industry and has tried their hand at teaching me. I have learned how to handle certain equipment, navigate Procore, and perform quantity takeoff. This breadth of knowledge and experience has made my time here very valuable. As I progress through my education and career I can guarantee I will be a more well-rounded individual thanks to Martin Horn.