Suzanne Retirement Graphic

On January 22nd, Martin Horn had a bittersweet send-off to a long-time employee, Suzanne Moubray, who retired after 15 years of service to the organization. Suzanne was an important piece of what has made Martin Horn the company it is today. We will miss her dearly.

Suzanne’s office sat near the front door, and directly next to the sign-out board, giving her special knowledge of where everyone was all the time. She’s who would answer when employees would call in sick or need something from accounting. In this way, she became a sort of maternal figure at Martin Horn, who looked out for all the office and field employees.

Suzanne served many roles in the accounting department during her tenure. “When Suzanne started here, she was new to construction. But she learned a lot—and really fast. She started as a bookkeeper, then became staff accountant, and eventually filled in when our Controller left,” said our CFO, Jack.

She was able to adjust to the company’s needs during difficult times. “When the recession came in 2008, and we had to cut office staff, she ended up running our finances and helped us through the downturn. She was a big part of making sure we survived during a very difficult time. I personally relied on her a lot to help me manage cash and make sure the numbers were right. She was a very important part of our team at a very important stage of our company’s history,” added Jack.

Suzanne was also a great mentor to others in the accounting department. “Suzanne taught me how to prioritize the varied workload we shared,” said Cece.

“Suzanne took me under her wing when I started working here. She showed me all the ins and outs of how Martin Horn functioned, and patiently answered all my questions. Every morning she would come and sit and just chat about life and we became fast friends. She was such a joy to be around. It’s sad without her here now, but I’m glad she is getting time to do all the things,” said Suzie.

On her last day here, she brought in her granddaughter, Grace. We treated the office to a Chipotle lunch (Suzanne’s request), and all reminisced about her time at Martin Horn and all she’d done for us. Grace was able to hear what an impact her grandma had made and all the lives she had touched.

We are lucky to have had Suzanne at Martin Horn for as long as we did, but wish her well in retirement. Though, knowing Suzanne, she’ll have a hard time sitting still. “I spoke to her yesterday and she was doing the W-2’s for the employees at her church–so, she really hasn’t stopped working yet,” said Cece.