We’re sizing up Farmington Country Club’s utility relocation site with our recent drone video. Our team is preparing to set a backup generator that will supply power to the entire club in the event of an outage. It’s no easy feat to set the 15-ton generator via boom crane, but our trusted field staff and subcontractor partners are the best in the business.

“To prepare for the generator we installed new meter cabinets and buried conduit for new electric service under generator and ATS pads to the new transformer location. We have rerouted all utilities that crossed the future building site. Scheduling electric, HVAC and water shutdowns with the club for minimal impact to operations has been a real challenge. Next month we will focus on excavating the area for new construction foundation. The switch over to our new electric service and generator activation will happen after the new year to not impact Farmington holiday business. This will complete the Utility Relocation phase.”

-Mike Rabinowitz, Superintendent