Martin Horn’s Checkup At Willow River

  • Martin Horn – Working on Cabinets
  • Martin Horn – Installed Cabinets
  • Martin Horn – Working on Cabinets
  • Martin Horn – Ceiling Height
  • Martin Horn – Superintendent Karl
  • Martin Horn – Electrical/ HVAC
  • Martin Horn – Drilling hinges
  • Martin Horn – Finished paint job
  • Martin Horn – Sawing
  • Martin Horn – Willow River sign
  • Martin Horn – Drilling hinges
  • Martin Horn – Wash Room
  • Martin Horn – Drilling hinges
  • Martin Horn – Freezer

Willow River Veterinary Services offers preventative and surgical care to a variety of domesticated pets. They pride themselves on administering the best treatment possible to their patients. Martin Horn is excited to build their new location at 32 Mill Creek Drive. The two-unit retail space was combined to create a 9,050 SF functional clinic. This clinic has surgical and dental rooms, as well as in house x-ray imaging and a cleaning/prep station. Furthermore, special features have been added to ensure the safety of staff and animals.

To help manage the unavoidable stress animals experience from being in an unfamiliar place, Dogs and Cats will be separated into their own rooms. As you can imagine, a veterinary office can get very loud! We’ve sound proofed all the interior walls in an effort to keep the noise to a minimum. With the staff on their feet all day, we’ve raised the counters to 42″ (the perfect working height). Additionally, the X-ray Imaging room is built with Lead lined walls and doors. The heaviness of the Lead protects patients and staff from divergent rays.

Superintendent Karl Conley said,

“This project has been a new challenge for me. The inspection process is very detailed in a medical clinic. So I’ve made sure to keep our specialty subs working on their areas of expertise, while our field guys handle everything else. Things have been running smoothly so far and our guys are installing doors and cabinets.”