UVa Education Resource Center Renovation

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Renovations have begun on the third floor of UVa’s Education Research Center (ERC). The large, open space has been a “white box” since the building was constructed in 2015. Now the University plans to utilize it and has asked Martin Horn to manage the project. Modifications and improvements to the space include newly defined huddle rooms and offices, ADA compliant bathrooms (including a lactation area), a breakroom and open cubicle spaces. To save on energy costs, the large tempered glass windows have been equipped with automatic shades, which are set on a timer to maximize efficiency. Our team continues to work on drywall, rough-in, electrical and plumbing.

Subsequent levels of this building are still bustling with employees during the day, so drop off and deliveries have been scheduled for early morning and late evening. Project Manager, Joe Riley and Superintendent, Tim Blankenship are carefully coordinating work around university meetings. “We’ve taken every precaution to ensure the doctors, residents, patients and pedestrians who enter the building each day, are able to focus on what they came to do and not construction disruptions”, explained Tim.

We always enjoy working on UVa projects and anticipate the completion of this one come late October.