the next generation of [French] sustainable designers

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Charles Hendricks from The Gaines Group led a group of 15 visiting French students on a tour of green building design charles w studentsin Charlottesville. These students, many of them still in high school and a few beginning their first years at university, are exploring construction, architecture, engineering and interior design to decide which focus they will choose for their studies.

Along with seeing the green roof at The Gaines Group Charlottesville office, we are honored that Charles chose to show our offices at Martin Horn as part of the tour! Vice Presidents Ted and Doug Horn led a discussion about the LEED conversion of our office. We reused as much existing materials as possible, and sourced materials locally to reduce its travel footprint. An 82 panel solar array was installed on the roof, which provides electricity for the building. It also produces the electricity to charge our President’s electric car. Permeable pavers were installed in the parking lot, which captures stormwater, allows it to seep into the ground which reduces stormwater runoff.

The tour continued across the street at the Building Goodness Foundation office site, which is still under construction. Martin Horn President Jack Horn led the tour and discussed some of the sustainable practices used at the site including prjackjr w studentsecast insulated wall systems and storm water management. The students were quick to recognize the differing building methods between France and the US, inquiring about the lightweight trusses for the floor above.

We’re inspired to see bright young people inquiring about sustainable practices (and perhaps putting them to use in France). We wish these students all the best in their studies. Many thanks to Charles Hendricks for including us in the tour and allowing us the opportunity to teach the next generation of green builders! To read more about Charles’ tour with the students, check out his blog post here.