Shelly Troutman, Administrator, UVA Imaging

Posted on May 19, 2015 in | No Comments

I am writing to acknowledge the outstanding efforts and Mike McNulty and the Martin Horn crew. Over the weekend, they began the repairs to the Imaging Center that were caused by the flooding in early July. Their first order of business was to relocate my office and the business office to ensure they were functional when we arrived at work this morning, and then to begin the work in the patient care area with minimal disruption to our operations. When we arrived this morning, everything was in order – even the PCs were hooked up and ready to go. Their commitment to doing their job without impacting our ability to do ours was tremendous, and I wanted to pass along my gratitude.

I have been involved in many construction projects over the years, where the crews were not at all sensitive to the operations going on around them, and the impact of their insensitivity hindered and challenged our operations. That has certainly not been the case with any aspect of this project, making their work ethic and conduct extremely noteworthy.