Shifting Gears at Peloton Station

Peloton Station (n): A cycle-centric tavern and bike kitchen that celebrates the culture of a good ride, cold beer and righteous sandwiches.  Whether you’re a road racer, trail rider, eco-commando, or just a well-adjusted person who enjoys good times and great food, Peloton Station is a place to drop the kickstand for a while and chill with your kind. 

-Description via the Peloton Station Website



Peloton Station has made a lot of progress and is fairly close to the completion of phase one. The early stages of cleanup are under way as our field staff and superintendent take charge of the last minute details. The existing building was refurbished to accommodate Architect Dave Ackermans vision for the space. The slanted front windows for instance, were part of the original building footprint.

Our team worked to strengthen the fascia, which supported the weight of the glass once it was installed. Some updates were a bit tricky, but this being such a unique aspect of the building we knew we had to get it right!

-John Painter, Project Superintendent

The end result was an eye-catching wall of windows that draws you in for a beer or a quick bike repair before your next cycling adventure. For more updates on Peloton Station, you can check out their Facebook or Instagram pages.