Region Ten & Genoa Healthcare Renovations

Region Ten Preston Avenue is leasing 426 SF of space to Geona Healthcare. Genoa plans to support Region Ten’s existing pharmacy operations by providing a larger selection of medications, packaging solutions and additional staff. This partnership will help further Region Ten’s mission of working to provide mental health, intellectual disability and substance use services where they are needed – in the local community.

Martin Horn has renovated an exam room to meet Region Ten’s requirements for their existing pharmacy. This included new drywall, paint and a magnetic lock for the door. In addition, we reinforced and installed cabinetry that was used in the prior pharmacy area, which is now undergoing demolition to ready the space for Genoa.

In the Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy, we’ll install a new mini-split system and vinyl flooring. Our carpenters will convert the existing door into a Dutch door and the dispensary window will be moved and made accessible from the waiting room. Other modifications include relocating the thermostat and fire alarm. The new pharmacy will also include office space and additional cabinetry.

David Lynch and his Region Ten staff have been very accommodating and are the friendliest people! It’s great working on a job where people greet you with a smile everyday. The project is running smoothly thanks to seamless coordination between Region Ten and Martin Horn.

-Project Manager, Barbara Regester

We expect to complete these renovations in a few weeks.