Raising the Roof at Sprint Pavilion

Martin Horn is raising the roof of Charlottesville’s Sprint Pavilion. The original concept for the Pavilion was developed by FTL Design Engineering in 2005. The recladding is being refurbished by Dünn Lightweight Architecture. The weatherproof fabric is covered by a protective coating which prevents pollutants in the air from sticking to it. The fabrics durability has reached the end of its 12-year lifespan and Sprint Pavilion General Manager, Kirby Hutto asked Martin Horn to oversee the construction of the new roof.  Ongoing improvements to this transformative material, mean the new roof will last 20 years. Other enhancements to the structure include a fresh coat of paint for the steel.

“We were able to find an epoxy-based paint which can be applied in 20° temperatures. This allowed us to continue work through the snow fall and maintain our projected completion of mid March,” explained Project Manager, Robert Menasco.

Due to construction, access on the east end of the downtown mall has changed. Alternate paths have been clearly marked to help pedestrians navigate around the site.