Raising a Village for the Shops at Riverside

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Our highly-skilled field workers (Zach, Eric, John and Logan seen above) are busily working to secure The Shops at Riverside Village for the expected rainfall in the coming weeks. You can never be too prepared for bad weather!

The biggest challenge so far is the weather. Rainy days create a very muddy situation, which can be difficult to work in. Despite the occasional rainfall, I have enjoyed managing a site of this size and the people involved with this project have been great to work with!

-Superintendent Calvin Wilkerson

In between the periodic rains, construction of the mixed-use buildings continues to move along. The 3 structures will have a combined 36,000 SF, which will be broken up into multiple levels. Commercial spaces will be leased on the ground floors, with high-end apartments positioned above. The Shops at Riverside Village are a Stony Point Design Build and are conveniently located within 2 miles of the Charlottesville Downtown Mall and Interstate 64.