Internship Spotlight | Maggie Randle

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Maggie came to Martin Horn as an undergraduate from Wofford College. She is working on her Bachelor of Arts in Finance & Business, in hopes of pursuing a career in development. Maggie worked closely with our Preconstruction and Estimating teams on the Bank of the James, The Point Church and Phase 3 of the UVa Baseball Stadium.

Intern Question and Answers

What responsibilities were you given during your internship? My responsibilities included: Updating the estimating database, take offs to order materials, sending in submittals to be approved by the architect, taking minutes during architect and design meetings.
What have you found to be most interesting about the job site/sites you’ve worked on? It’s interesting to see how the jobs work and how each job is different. The bank is already in a building, baseball is from the ground up and there are so many little details I didn’t realize going into the building process.
How has being a Wofford student prepared    you for this internship? At Wofford I learned to take initiative and developed a stronger work ethic which has helped me here at Martin Horn.
What skills have you learned while working   for  Martin Horn that will help you in the future? Having knowledge of construction and development. Knowing how to look at drawings and understand what they mean.
Intern Testimonial:

“My desk was placed in the Project manager wing for the duration of my internship even though my internship was technically more focused on preconstruction and estimating. Jeff took time each day to teach me something new and get me involved in the projects that he oversees. He would take me to the job sites almost every day, so I could gain experience outside of the office and see some of Martin Horns projects. Even though he wasn’t my direct supervisor, Jeff made sure that I was included on the project manager side of each job which meant a lot to me.”

“Maggie demonstrated a great work ethic and eagerness to perform any task assigned her. Even though some of these tasks did not coincide with her major, she always completed them with a smile! The future employer that lands her services will be blessed.”

-Jeff Sims, Project Manager