Internship Spotlight | Evan Trebour

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Evan is an undergraduate at Virginia Tech’s Myers Lawson School of Construction. He has been a welcome addition to our field team at the Quirk Hotel Charlottesville. He recently returned to Virginia Tech to continue his double major in construction and real estate. He expects to graduate in 2021.


Evan was great to work with; always eager to take on more responsibility. We enjoyed having him at the Quirk and wish him the very best with his schooling! – Shawn Woody, Assistant Project Manager


Intern Question and Answers


What responsibilities were you given during your internship?

I was given a number of different tasks while working on the Quirk Hotel project. One of the first couple things I worked on was adding new drawings to the plans as well as help sort out minutes for the OAC meetings. I was then put in charge of the outstanding issues log, which involved me tracking down subcontractors and having them fix what was open on the list. I also helped organize access doors and made sure each door was where it needed to be on the second floor.

What have you found to be most interesting about the job site you’ve worked on?

What I found most interesting about the job site was the communication between Martin Horn and the subcontractors and how well everyone worked together. It was really cool to see how everyone problem solved and tackled any issue that might have come up.

How has being a Virginia Tech student prepared you for this internship?

As a Virginia Tech student, I think I was very prepared to take on this job. Virginia Tech does a great job of introducing the main components important to construction.

What skills have you learned while working for Martin Horn that will help you in the future?

What really stood out to me, was how important communication is between everyone on the job site. I was glad to have the opportunity to engage with other construction professionals and practice my communication skills.