Internship Spotlight | Andrew Kosenko

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Andrew, (featured above with Superintendent, Calvin Wilkerson) is from Virginia Tech’s Myers-Lawson School of Construction. He was a welcome addition to our field team this Summer. Andrew worked primarily on The Shops at Riverside Village and recently returned to Virginia Tech to continue his degree in Building Construction.


It has been a pleasure to have Andrew interning this summer. He has been a huge help! I don’t think I have seen an intern take so many notes. Andrew really has a passion for learning and is willing to pitch in where needed.  He has done everything from creating daily entry’s in Procore to power washing concrete. Keep up the good work! -Superintendent, Calvin Wilkerson


Intern Question and Answers


What responsibilities were you given during your internship?

During my internship I helped coordinate subcontractor work, entered daily reports in procore, attended owner meetings and took notes while also observing client relations.

What have you found to be most interesting about the job site you’ve worked on?

The Shops at Riverside are the largest buildings I’ve worked on. It’s been really interesting watching a project of this size unfold.

How has being a Virginia Tech student prepared you for this internship?

My experience at Virginia Tech has taught me a lot about managing schedules. I’ve learned that a good schedule can eliminate problems due to production issues and allows for timely procurement of materials.

What skills have you learned while working for Martin Horn that will help you in the future?

I’ve learned quite a bit about estimating and how subcontractors and shipments can affect time and budget on a project.


Andrew’s Testimonial:

My time with Martin Horn has been very informative and fulfilling. I’m very fortunate to have worked under Calvin and he is the greatest boss I’ve ever had. This is because he takes his time to explain every question I have and also allows me to utilize what I’m learning. He keeps enough distance to let me grow while still being there to help correct me or do something more efficiently. What I really liked about Calvin is that he doesn’t act like he’s above anyone and he sweeps floors and physically involves himself to help keep the project going anywhere he can. He also has a personality that makes him approachable to anyone on site, he is a great superintendent and a greater friend. I have learned so much this summer and I am thankful for this opportunity.