ICRA Healthcare Training 2019

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Safety is our top priority. When doing work in a healthcare setting, like our jobs for the Uva Hospital Expansion, we face additional safety and health concerns. To make sure our team continues to have all the tools and knowledge required for this work, we hosted an Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) & Healthcare Construction training session. Shari Solomon of CleanHealth Environmental, LLC presented the latest updates on managing today’s diverse challenges in hospital construction. This two-day program covered everything from the importance of safety and egress signs to infection control and fine cleaning techniques. After successfully finishing their test, each employee received a certificate of completion.

Even an experienced construction worker can encounter something new on the job.  Shari showed us some really innovative tools and efficient ways to maintian ICRA. Working on healthcare sites can be very challenging and if you don’t get excited about it then you’re less likely to do it.

Shawn Woody, Assistant Project Manager