Dreamland Skatepark Teaser

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The talented skateboarding architects and craftsmen at Dreamland Skatepark and our crew from Martin Horn have been grinding away on the construction of McIntire Park. Next to be installed are the electrical units for dusk riding, the upper plaza and ready rock walls (which are decorative and functional). This 2 acre skate park has enough hard rails, ledges and bowls for even the most skilled boarder. We are proud to have worked on the largest skate park in Virginia!

(Video courtesy of Elias Alden Parise, Dreamland Skateparks)

The concrete work produced by these guys is incredible. Smooth as glass and personally tested by Dreamland Skatepark founder and professional skater Mark Scott.

– Don Hicklin, Martin Horn Project Manager

Our superintendent and field crew have enjoyed getting to know this Oregon based team and watching them roll in for a test run.