Dairy Market: Charlottesville’s First Food Hall

Posted on May 15, 2020 in Community | No Comments

Martin Horn is currently building food stalls for the Dairy Market coming soon to Preston Avenue. This establishment will be Charlottesville’s first market hall filled with delicious, food and drink from both local and world-famous merchants. This location used to be the Monticello Dairy building for the production of milk, butter, and cheese. It was also a gathering place that served as an event space and ice cream parlor. Charlottesville will continue the legacy of this location as place for the community to gather, socialize, and enjoy a wide array of cuisines.

The market hall concept is usually found in big, metropolitan cities, and we are fortunate—and excited—to be a part of the creation of one here in Charlottesville. This market hall will be the perfect addition to Charlottesville’s beloved food scene. Currently, Angelic’s Kitchen, ELEVA Coffee, Star Hill Brewery, Take It Away, CHIMM, and Dino’s are slated as some of the first merchants of the Dairy Market.

Martin Horn is currently installing the spaces these merchants will fill. We are also installing exhaust hoods for the commercial kitchens, an essential part of the construction of this space. While these are trying and uncertain times, this project shows hope that we will gather as a community again over great food and drink.

The opening of the Dairy Market is scheduled for Fall 2020.

Martin Horn is invested and committed in the safety of our employees during this time and will continue to go above and beyond regulations in order to protect them. For more information on how Martin Horn is keeping employees safe, click here.

For more information on this project, watch our video below.