Construction Done Safely

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You don’t learn safety by accident.

That’s why our annual Safety Celebration so important. The Safety Celebration focuses on best practices in the field and the correct usage of construction equipment. In a constantly shifting environment, we do our best to cover a variety of risks: muscle strain and injury, sleep deprivation, fall risk, and proper fireproofing.  Professional guest speakers, help demonstrate techniques that mitigate these risks, including dynamic stretching, healthy sleep habits, fall protection procedures, fire caulking and more.

Although we do our best to advocate safe practices, it’s our impressive field staff and superintendents who make us a safer construction company. Our extremely low incident rate and 11 consecutive AGC National Safety Awards prove that our field staff are diligent and skilled when it comes to building stuff…safely.

Special thanks to this year’s speakers:

Kim Starr, PT- Executive Director of Physical Therapy, ACAC

Jason Anna and Justin Banks- Hilti

Alex Shaw- Scott Insurance

Jacob Kozanecki- Fall Protection Specialist, 3M