Breakfast is the most important meal of the month

Posted on Jan 14, 2016 in Community | No Comments

The pace of the construction world is steadily increasing. Texts and emails have replaced faxes, while phone calls and voice mail have supplanted face-to-face discussions. Efficient as it is, electronic communication can be misunderstood by the recipient and wrong information can be transmitted resulting in a loss of real connection. The remedy is not to get rid of technology, but to restore human interaction where it is needed.

Martin Horn has been trying to add human engagement back into our routine by hosting monthly subcontractor breakfasts. We invite a different cross-section of the construction trades to each event hosted by a core group of Martin Horn employees. Everyone enjoys local favorites like Bodo’s bagels, Spudnuts donuts, and Shenandoah Joe’s coffee while meeting our colleagues in the construction industry. We look forward to it not as a business meeting but as an opportunity for informal discussion.

The informal “meetup” is ideal for talking with subcontractors without the distraction of work (like an impending bid deadline or the potential hazards of a job site). It’s an opportunity to welcome new subcontractors into our community, assess their abilities and clarify expectations and issues on both sides. Repeat attendees use the breakfast as a chance to catch up with each other, brainstorm, share their best ideas and bring up stuff that doesn’t get discussed elsewhere. A bond of trust is developed so we are able to give each other the support we need. The natural result is a sense of camaraderie and team spirit!

These subcontractor breakfasts are the brainchild of the Horn brothers and Andrew Maffey. They wanted to support Martin Horn principles with the idea of a “shared consciousness” in which we can trust and communicate with each other, know each other across what used to be divided teams and organizational structures, and operate with clarity, communication and shared interest. The positive effects of our monthly subcontractor meetups last long after everyone involved has walked away. When we need to procure prices for projects it is much easier to communicate with and trust the pricing from someone we know. The end result is mutual success: we all win work when everyone provides responsive, first-class service and competitive pricing.

We hope that every subcontractor who invests some time at our breakfast meetups feels included, valued and benefits from maintaining a face-to-face relationship with us. To see what it’s all about, ask for your invitation today! We host subcontractor breakfasts once a month and our next one will be tomorrow, Friday, January 15th.