Now Taking Residents at Beta II

Posted on Sep 7, 2018 in Community, Uncategorized | No Comments

Gaining repeat business from our clients is always rewarding. Beta II was the perfect opportunity to reflect on an older project and show our client we can consistently live up to their expectations.

-Calvin Wilkerson, Project Superintendent

This project is an expansion of the original Beta Bridge Apartments, which were built by Martin Horn in 1993. The original building was just 11 units and filled with college students every year. The new expansion will add an additional 11 units to the property, doubling it in size. The lay-down and staging areas for the project were vey tight with anywhere from 10-15 ft on either side. The tight space combined with an unusual root and framing system made for a challenging start to the job. In addition, the original building was fully occupied by tenants throughout the duration of construction. Fortunately, our project management team has years of experience with similar challenges and enjoyed finding solutions that work for this job. Now that the project is complete, our team has gone back for some warranty updates to ensure the new, high end fixtures and appliances work properly.