No Holds Barre.[d] Renovation

Posted on Apr 28, 2015 in Commercial Construction | No Comments

While many of Martin Horn’s projects take months and even years to complete, many more are finished in a matter of weeks. One of these latter projects is the renovation of a 228-square-foot space within the 1581-square-foot Barre.[d] Studio in Downtown Charlottesville. Barre.[d] offers a number of fitness classes combining techniques found in image (2)Pilates, yoga, and ballet, and so needed an open area with sturdy, professional-grade equipment built in. As one of our fast-track projects, we completed the project from soup to nuts—or from permits to delivery—within just a few weeks.

But why should we tell you how we did when Barre.[d] owner Hanna Dobbels has said it so much better than we ever could?

I searched for a few weeks for a good company to begin my barre studio, which has been my dream for about a decade.

I found Martin Horn through my realtor and am so glad I did! While the studio was being planned and put together, I lived in DC and could only get down to C-Ville about once a week, so I needed to find image (1)someone with a strong background in what I wanted to build as well as someone I trusted long distance. While I had compared several places, I ended up finding Martin Horn the most professional and the most put together, while offering the flexibility and reassurance I needed.

Martin Horn not only has the background in building fitness studios, but also accommodated my budget, timeline, and communication through the long distance. The quality of my studio is beyond amazing, my studio came out looking like it was supposed to be there all along! I could not be happier or more excited to start business in my new studio.

–Hanna Dobbels

Thanks, Hanna! Be sure to sign up for a fitness class at Barre.[d]—and don’t forget to check out how nice everythingNCM_0127 looks while you’re there!