We Build: Green

Martin Horn is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the nation’s foremost coalition of building industry leaders committed to promoting buildings that are profitable but also environmentally sound. To encourage sustainable building, the Council develops Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) products and resources, policy guidelines, and educational and marketing tools.

The USGBC membership has developed the LEED Green Building Rating System™, a nationally recognized system for constructing high performance buildings that are environmentally sound. Contractors and designers participate in LEED voluntarily. Martin Horn has recently been notified that the Peabody School addition is the first LEED-NC commercial project in the Charlottesville area.

Green design incorporates design and construction practices that reduce a building’s negative impact on the outdoor environment, while making the indoor environment safer and healthier. These practices focus on five broad areas:

• Sustainable site planning
• Safeguarding water and improving water efficiency
• Energy efficiency
• Conservation of materials and resources
• Indoor environmental quality

Martin Horn has a rolloff truck and several dumpsters so we can streamline the waste management part of our projects. Any cost savings are passed on to our clients.

Half of the dumpsters are “green” — literally — and will be used for recycled materials.

At Martin Horn, we believe in our environment and in doing what we can to make our community a better place.


logo3Alternative Energy
We Build: Solar

Though a partnership with Altenergy, Inc., Martin Horn provides real time information on our solar energy use.   View our energy use info at Solar Web.